The Most Wonderful Time…

Santa Claus is coming to town! That’s right folks, it is time to at start your strategy for the holiday season 2021.We know the global pandemic has accelerated online shopping, meaning you should include #Salonlove in your retail strategy this Christmas. Last year Brits spent £24.2 billion on gifts alone (ref: statista.com).

We have entered retail’s Golden Quarter. Done correctly, this can be a very lucrative time of year. We want you to add a “13th”month of profit. Let that thought sink in, one extra month of profit!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Acceleration of online: This is not news, but ask yourself the question “how am I prepared”? What is your #salonlove strategy? Make the purchase decision easy for your clients and don’t leave money on the table.
  • Gift research: Who are your clients buying for? Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, cousins, teachers, dog walker, coach, niece, best friend, grandparents…. The list is endless, help your clients with their purchase decision.
  • Clients want answers: How is your product or service going to help them? What to use, when to use it? Why should I use it? Clients want professional and expert advice.
  • Crowded space: It is crowded out there, how will you stand out? Have you planned your social media strategy for the last quarter? Stay ahead, stay in front.

Tune into Coffee with Daniel Friday 17th September, this session will focus on Christmas promotions and a social media planner.

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