Driving differentiation in retail

Thanks to online pioneers, such as Amazon, customers have grown to expect and desire personalised experiences. Given customers’ expectations, businesses must respond to the demand for personalised experiences not only to differentiate themselves but just to survive. When this is done right, personalisation allows retailers to do more than just survive, it enables them to thrive. How do we recommend you take your clients experience to the next level?

The 4 C’s!

· Consultation: Professional & Expert advice. Are you using digital consultations pre visit?

· Convenience: Easy “check out” and decision making. How is your #Salonlove strategy?

· Customisation: Make the buying decision easy for your clients.

· Community: Be part of a greater message, research shows our clients are keen to support a worthy cause. How are you telling your story? Clean Beauty, Global Karma, Supporting independent businesses…….

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